A Letter From Kevin. 


“You don’t get to call yourself a Carrington without living like one.” When my father uttered those words, they had very little significance to me at the time. It wouldn’t be until I got older that I would truly understand the gravity of his words. To him being a Carrington was far more than a surname, it was a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that required a high level of hard work, passion and character. It wasn’t enough to dream of better, we had to be better. In many ways I see our brand as an ode to his legacy.

I started the Carrington brand to accessorize and inspire achievers. At the foundation of all of our product designs is a strong commitment to minimalism, functionality and a high quality aesthetic. 

My biggest hope is that as you carry our brand, you feel the greatest sense of pride in the fact that you are not only achieving better things but you are becoming a better person as well.

Carry Everything,

Kevin M. Carrington, Founder & CEO