The Latin phrase, “OMNIA MEA MECUM PORTO," translates to “all that’s mine, I carry with me.” This phrase references something much more valuable than tangible possessions. A naturally rich quality of character should exude in all aspects of creation and design. This phrase serves as our mantra and way of life. We want to share the benefits of this notion with you, that's why at Carrington our designs are centered on a balanced lifestyle that promotes preparedness, efficiency and sharp aesthetics. If you carry everything with us, we're sure that this approach will quickly become one that you live by too.


What if luxury could amplify more than just personal experience? What if it extended to improve the experience of others? Not only do we believe its possible, we're making it possible. While Carrington is committed to designing luxury accessories for the world, we take a portion of all proceeds to accessorize the minds of young people by promoting S.T.E.M. education programs (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

In partnership with some of the world's most innovative tech companies, we host an annual event called Carrington Case Code Day, or C3 as we like to call it. This event educates students in the community by focusing on the exciting possibilities that are achievable with the skills gained in these concentrations. We also help to provide computers and technology mentors to schools in need. Carrington prides itself on functionalities that go farther than what pleases the eye. So now, when you see someone carrying a Carrington product you'll know that they don't just look good but they do good as well, and that's what it means to carry everything.