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We Fit You


Carrington’s designs are truly meant to carry everything. Meet the new class acts.

With the launch of our spring collection, we made sure that you’d be able to step out and step proudly with our new line of luxury products. Like always, we package top of the line qualities suited in one refined package. Iphone6s_carringtonOur Carrington cases are slim and lightweight – they fit into niche areas all while rejecting the average bulk.

Our new colors are a reflection of your accurate attention to detail. From the redesigned paisley lining, which comes in an array of patterns, to the soft to touch Italian leather, the durability and shape speak to the intricacies of minimalism.

Iphone6s+_byzantiumSince we couldn’t find a reason to sacrifice either functionality or form, we decided to give you both. Instead of carrying two separate cases for your phone and your wallet, carry one, and utilize that extra hand space for those really important documents for your meeting at 9, or for your routine cup of coffee that you can’t spill on those really important documents for your meeting at 9. Your mobility is extremely important to you, so it’s extremely important to us too.

Our rich new designs fit your favorite Apple product – your iPhone.Iphone6s+_royalslate Our spring line includes colors that suit best, well, your suit.

Our Byzantium sleeve spruces about your closet and adds a royal touch. You should definitely opt in for our new Royal Slate wallet, which fits both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+.

Iphone6s+_darkmoon_backFeatured on the back of our cases are slots that fit your cards, money and important pieces snugly. No one’s getting to it but you.

The genuine leather is gently dyed, making sure that our high quality materials are conducive to your high quality lifestyle.

Essentially, we’ve got all the essentials covered, and that’s simply because we care about the realistic approach to life. When you’re prepared, you’re efficiently ready to take on a balanced life. Because we get you, we fit you. Welcome to the Carrington approach.