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How To: Keep Your Resolution



It’s actually 2016 and you have big plans for the year! A new year comes with a fresh outlook and new direction. The famous ‘New Year’s Resolution’ has sunken in. There’s just one problem: you can never keep one. Here’s how!

It’s commendable that so many of us want to change for the better every new year, however, sometimes we lose focus of our resolutions. The first step in making your resolution is to not make one at all! Instead of taking one big leap of faith into the ‘new you,’ make a practical goal. Follow these 5 guidelines to a successful year:

  1. Make a realistic goal. Avoid making high hopes too high if you can. If you want to lose weight, make an attainable regimen that will work best with your busy schedule. Your goal should be specific, have a feasible time frame and should not be too complex to achieve. It’s also best to focus on one goal at a time – only clowns juggle many things at once.
  2. Take baby steps. Easy does it! It’s easy to get so excited about your aspirations to the point where you may try to do it all at once. Developing habits, good or bad, do not start overnight. This is why every day should be a new day at commitment. If you overwhelm yourself with one big bite, you may just choke.
  3. Speak it into existence. Once you speak life and positive energy into the air, it comes into fruition. It is very important to self-motivate, after all you are the only one who can make the change! Use sticky notes to remind yourself of your goal, posting them in area that you frequent around your house or office space. You can even use alerts in your phone to give you hourly or daily reminders of your goal. Let these reminders reflect thoughts that positively motivate you. Most importantly, congratulate yourself on your improvements!
  4. Share your mission. Tell everyone around you that you mean business! When others are aware of your plans, they start to accommodate your intentions into their own lives. This will be another realm of motivation, and this can contribute to the positive energy you’ll need. This will also keep you in check if you know that your friends and family are watching your progress. You can even use the help of a professional to further motivate your efforts.
  5. Remember that accidents happen. If you backtrack or if you fall short of your goal, keep moving forward! Let that be even more motivation towards your objective. We are all human and no one can be perfect. Get back up, dust yourself off, and remember the commitment you made to yourself.

Keeping a healthy mindset in your transformation will implement a healthier, more attainable change. #CarryEverything and don’t look back!