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How To: Pick the Perfect Gift



With the Holiday season rapidly approaching, everyone is fumbling around to find gifts for each family member and best friend. There’s one problem: you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Of course, Black Friday will be the most opportune time to reach for a discounted item in the heat of the moment, but are you really thinking it through? Will Gary from the office appreciate a key-chain from Target that simply says “Gary,” and will your girlfriend care that you got a wicked bargain on the entire series of 24? Probably not. Here are 4 important factors to remember when shopping for the perfect gift.

1. Your gift should always reflect your relationship with the receiver. If you are not sure of what exactly your friend is going to want, give them a gift that embodies thoughtfulness rather than perfection. Putting thought into a gift shows the receiver you actually thought about them instead of picking up just anything on the nearest rack. Think of what you want your gift to say. Remember, even buying something pricey is not thoughtful. All that glitters is not gold. Good thing our Moondust iPhone sleeve isn’t glittery or gold. It’s perfect.

2. Remember what they told you. If you remembered that your lady friend specifically and conveniently said she wanted the Carrington Case 10″ Tablet sleeve, it’s a no-brainer, do it. However, if things are a bit more tricky, and she cleverly disguised her wishes through methodologically subliminal, but yet highly descriptive riddles, then it’s time to sit down and paint a picture. If she says she’s been really wanting something illustrious, durable, fashionable and minimal, your answer lies in our upscale line of tech gear. Yeah, we’re psychic.

3. Use your eyes. When you meet up with your colleague for coffee tomorrow morning, check out his style. Whether some family has invited you over for dinner, or you’re just hanging out over their house, notice your surroundings. Normally, people purchase items that reflect themselves. If your colleague always has his shoes polished and he has an eye for quality goods, our Onyx wallet sleeve will suit his needs. You’re welcome.

4. Do not procrastinate to get your gift. By the time you have figured out all of the riddles and sought out the best prices for them, it’ll possibly be too late. Do not hesitate when you find the perfect gift for your loved one. A good friend never waits till the last minute; this means get the English tan iPhone sleeve before it sells out this Holiday season. We’ve got you covered.

Because you now have the answers for choosing a great gift, this year, you are more responsible for finding the perfect gift for your buddies, and it lies here at Carrington Case. Carry the best gift and #carryeverything.