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The Look: Father’s Day


Make your father proud this Father’s Day and reward him in style.

As the weather warms up and as Father’s Day rolls around, you’ll notice you’ll get a lot more calls from your Dad. This holiday should be spent somewhere relaxed and comfortable, and your threads should match your vibe too.

For your Father’s Day outing, opt in for a cool fabric implementing your favorite cotton chinos. A low-profile, relaxed blue pant tells your dad that you’re not his little boy anymore, and your gingham button-down tells him you’re a man. Throw back some refreshing drinks all while balancing some stylish frames. Accessorize with a brown leather watch that complements your original Carrington Wallet. Don’t make your dad jealous, treat him to a luxurious package of simplicity and get him his own. He’ll definitely be grateful.

Don’t be unprepared this Father’s Day. Look good, do good, #CarryEverything.

Happy Father’s Day from Team Carrington!