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iPhone SE Meets Carrington


When it comes to keeping up with the trends, we aim to succeed and exceed. 

For those of us who take pride in small but great, the iPhone SE is perfect. Apple’s recent release of the “beloved design” took the shape and form of the previously released iPhone 5/5s and reinvented it from the inside.Carrington Case--18

If you know anything about Carrington, you’ll know that we take a simplistic approach and carry a powerful follow through. Like Apple, the inside is just as much important as the outside to us too. This is why our perfectly stitched phone sleeves fit perfectly with the iPhone SE, literally. From the soft and classic genuine suede and leather exteriors, to our polished paisley insets, we take pride in quality and appearance. Carrington Case--3

It’s easy to fall in love with a design that will always appease the eye. Our iPhone SE cases come in variations of color and texture to fit any professionals speed.

Here’s to falling in love with rich design all over again! To find your perfect fit for your new iPhone SE, take a trip to our shop and experience why quality will always trump size.