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How To: Impress Your Date


Let’s face it, women are complicated. Cracking their code is harder than it looks. Sometimes being prepared means knowing how to turn your charm on in order to impress the most complicated women.

Your excellent suave skills landed you her phone number, however, you realized soon after that you’ve been out of the game for a while. Although you smoothly found a way to get her to agree to a date, you don’t know how to get her to agree to another one. Here are 5 tips to impress your dream girl.


1. Confidence is key. Walking into a room and feeling like you are the man will boost your energy. When a woman notices that you feel good about yourself, she will automatically gravitate towards you. However, don’t overdo it and make a mess of things by letting your ego get in the way. Balance is everything.

2. Dress to impress. Nobody wants a frumpy date. Make sure that you are coordinated from head to toe incorporating a genuine leather or suede Carrington Case. Your date will admire your eye for perfection and sense of style. If you are not sure what to wear, check out this curated look.

3. Be a gentlemen. Chivalry is not old school. If your date has to sit, pull her chair out. If you’re walking into a building, open the door. If she is getting into her car, make sure you run ahead just to beat her to it. It’s that simple.

4. Pay attention. When you look your date in the eye as they speak, you show obvious interest in what she has to say. Put your phone down and participate in conversation, showing off your deep-rooted interest in politics, pop culture and economics.

5. Enjoy yourself! Don’t overthink things and stay true to yourself. It is harder to keep up a fake personality than it is to keep a genuine account of yourself. Laugh at the crazy things you say and if you mess up remember you are still that same suave guy who landed the date in the first place.

Charm her and don’t forget to #carryeverything.