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How To: Get a Promotion

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You’ve put in a lot of work and frankly it’s “about that time.” However, there’s a little bit more to the game then just having merit or loyalty. Here are some keys to getting the promotion you deserve.

There are no exact steps to getting a promotion, but there are things that you can do to lead up to that point, especially if you plan on being the one to ask for it.

  1. Try, but do not try too hard. No one likes a brown noser. If you are normally someone who strives to make everyone happy by doing everything and then some, fine, but do not suck up. Keep your backbone and focus on doing your job instead of your supervisor’s.
  2. Create a personal statement. Write down your strong points and why you deserve a promotion. This will help to direct your proposition and perhaps cut out reasons that don’t matter as much. Repeat these statements to yourself frequently while on your job and you will find yourself aiming to align yourself with these expectations.
  3. Look the part. You should always look as though you deserve a promotion. It’s a full package – never show up to work looking as though you are tired and cannot handle your job, let alone a higher title. Carry our Tablet sleeve into work each day so that you exude professionalism. Make sure that your boss catches a glimpse of your accessory, proving that your value spills over into every detail of your life.
  4. Plan your timing. If the company is reorganizing or has bigger matters in their own hands at the time, do not push at this time. Your boss already has a lot on his or her hands and wouldn’t want to be bothered with any additional stress or concern. If your company is soaring, make sure your own accomplishments have just recently been showcased so that your boss has even more reason to greatly consider your request.
  5. Prepare and deliver. Refer to your personal statement while you prepare for the meeting with your boss. Make your message clear and confident, taking into mind your tone and body language. If it seems as though your supervisor is turned off or not pleased, keep at your message and do not jump ship. Your boss should feel as though you are really ready for the next level of success.

Imagine yourself in the position you’ve been striving for this entire time and keep carrying everything on your way to the top. Good luck!