Accessories for the modern achiever. #iCarryEverything

How To: Carry Everything


There is an art to carrying everything, and that craft comes from adequate organization and careful attention to detail.

Every now and then you’ll notice someone who seemingly has it all together. Cliff’s clothes are always precisely pressed, his button down is neatly tucked in his tailored pants, and his coffee always smells so darn good. Cliff has a secret – he knows how to carry everything. Luckily, you can be like Cliff, too. Here are four keys for keeping it all together.

  1. Get rid of your junk. Now let’s be clear. We don’t want you to do something wildly insane, but instead de-clutter your surroundings. Treat yourself to a pleasant detox, be honest with yourself and let go of unused, unwanted and unnecessary items that you have long forgotten about. You could be stashing old memorabilia, clothes or random items that serve no purpose in an organized environment. You’ll realize that after you get rid of a lot of “stuff,” you have room for a lot more useful goods.
  2. Stock up on organizers. Now that you’ve cleansed, carry balance in your life with functional tools that will help you stay coordinated. Invest in notebooks, calendars, schedulers and other organizers that help keep your physical and mental state sound and tidy. Allotting spaces for everything makes it easier to navigate through your space, time and life. Jot down mental notes, important dates and times, and make sure to leave motivational reminders to keep your head zoned in.
  3. Feed your ego. There’s more to carrying everything then just keeping clean; maintaining a sound, confident mind will stretch a long way. Remind yourself how awesome you are and you’ll start to look and feel that way too. Carrington makes it a habit to push how important outward and inward well-being is, so do yourself some good and boost your ego!
  4. Look the part. This part is easy. Now that you’ve taken care of the fundamentals, let your organization and hard work exude. Make sure you’re taking care of the details in your appearance by carefully choosing what makes you feel and look the best. Get your class on by adding our Moon Dust sleeve to your ensemble. Heads will turn, and so will Cliff’s.

You’re all set, and now you can perfectly #CarryEverything. Take that, Cliff.