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How To: Be Mentally Strong



Even though you feel a lot of different emotions at different times, talking about feelings and admitting to them can get a little weird sometimes. However, you learned bottling up emotions can lead into even further self-destructive behavior. Here are four easy tricks to maintain your sanity.

1. Do not strive for perfection. Wait a second. This sounds completely inane, we know, but when you strive for perfection, you opt in for a high chance of disappointment. We’re not saying strive for less, but when you open yourself up to the idea that you just may fail, the probable blow will feel a lot less tense. You can now concentrate on your task or effort instead of worrying about if you’ll mess up. After you produce your first effort, be open to honing and sharpening your abilities. So instead of reaching for perfection, reach for progress.

2. Balance your emotion with logic. When you thoroughly think something through, a tough situation becomes more than just how you feel about it, it becomes a question of why you feel that way. Trading in these emotions for realistic judgment can save a pity party from controlling your mental and emotional state. Be real with yourself, allow yourself to process your feelings , and then review what you can do to make something better, instead of worrying about the idea that it was not good enough.

3. Surround yourself with positive energy. When your inner circle includes people who uplift, motivate and congratulate you, your mood instantly receives a boost. When everything isn’t going too great, you should have someone you can talk to who will remind you of all the reasons you started your journey, why you should continue and how awesome you are. Many times we won’t realize our negative energy sources until it’s too late. Do not let these sources steal your shine!

4. Inhale and exhale! We get it! Sometimes life is hard and seemingly unbearable, but breathe! Most of the time, when we are still in a situation, we deem it as the end all, be all, and we think that our lives are over. Let’s admit that sometimes we are dramatic. Remember that you have a lot of fight still in you and that it could always be worse. Stressing about a situation accomplishes nothing at all- unless you are really effective under pressure. Yet, taking a dose of fresh air will clear your mind and keep you in balance and harmony with even the toughest of days.

Do some yoga and #carryeverything.