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The Look: First Day on The Job

First day

Forget business casual – your first day is your first impression. Knock your new colleagues off their feet and dress to impress.

Awesome, you landed the job. You took our advice on how to get it Now it’s time to kick your professionalism into full gear, well at least for the first day. Let’s be honest, your boss might have told you that the office is pretty comfy, cozy and welcoming. He or she may be right, but don’t let that deter you from showing them what you’re really made of.

If you operate to your full extent and full potential, you’ll notice that it carries over into your threads. Classify yourself as classy – prepare your darkest suit, because you mean business. Let your crisp white oxford do the relaxing and unfasten those top two buttons, opting out of a suit and tie experience. Sorry JT. If your office is really as “comfy” as they mentioned, feel free to brag about your new Onyx iPhone 6s+ sleeve to your coworkers. Add your final touches with a classic silver-tone watch and your favorite black oxford shoes.

No worries, you got this. Now you can #CarryEverything to your new office and start off with a bang. Good luck!