To carry everything is to pursue a noble character as passionately as you pursue your dreams
— Kevin Carrington

Culture of Carrington

Carrington Case is an American accessories brand designed to appeal to the refined minimalist. Headquartered in Riverside, California, Carrington incorporates the finest premium materials – imported leathers and brilliant suedes – to produce first-class accessories for men. Our classic designs fit the dapper fellow that embodies modern professionalism.

Original Carrington Emblem from 2014

Original Carrington Emblem from 2014

The Emblem

The Vikings were infamous for ensuring that all the various ship types in their fleets were also fit for war.

The Carrington emblem shows the iconic Viking Long Ship. These ships were uniquely designed to navigate both shallow and deep waters. The unique dragon shaped design was not just for looks, it allowed them to be just as agile moving forwards as backwards. Minimalism was a major objective as they often would keep their ships extremely light weight so that they could be carried over land if necessary.

Our emblem stands as a symbol that, at your core, you are designing your character to withstand all that life throws your way—and you’re doing it with style.


The Carry Everything Lifestyle

The Latin phrase “OMNIA MEA MECUM PORTO” translates to “all that’s mine, I carry with me”. This phrase references something much more valuable than tangible possessions. Carrington believes that a rich quality of character should exude in all aspects of creation. For the modern professional, minimalism endorses functionality and design.

That’s why at Carrington we focus on a balanced lifestyle that promotes preparedness, efficiency and sharp aesthetics.

If you carry everything with us, we’re sure that this approach will quickly become one that you live by too.