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How To: Choose the Right Restaurant



You are hungry. Well, no, you are ravenous, but only the sweetest tastes of satisfaction are allowed to dazzle your taste buds. Here are the secrets for choosing the perfect spot to grub.

Whether you’re ready to eat alone, with some friends, or ready to take your fancy date out to a fancy place, there are rules to follow. You wouldn’t pull in a drive-thru to McDonald’s if you were looking for quality, would you? It’s okay, be honest. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing a place to chow down.

1. Window shop. Window shopping can be used for a lot more than deciding whether or not to buy the newest boots on display at J. Crew. Before you show up to any restaurant, view their menu online. This will help you know what the establishment has to offer, it will guide you in what you will order and it can perhaps save you a gallon of gas. If the prospective restaurant has no menu online, you’re either in for an extraordinary meal or you should probably choose another option.

2. Find a critique. We know that every restaurant or establishment does not have a thoroughly written essay from a restaurateur or a witty food critic, but there are other avenues of feedback. Ask a friend if they’ve ever experienced a certain spot or ‘Google’ the place and read the reviews taken from a handy source, Yelp. Feedback from those who know you the best can put a lot into perspective. Do your research!

3. Know what you want. It’s difficult to do anything if you don’t know what you’re aiming for, especially with food. Do you want to try a new, upscale dining experience, a laid-back diner, or a cozy, traditional atmosphere? If you don’t know exactly what you’re in the mood for or what you think your date will like, choose a place that offers a wide range of different cuisines. However, if you do know what your taste buds are yearning for, then you definitely know how it’s going down.

4. Appraise the occasion. We mentioned before that McDonald’s is just not the place for a date, business meeting, or pretty much anything. If you are on-the-go, extremely hungry, depressed or down on change, McDonald’s is fair game. For all other occasions, choose your destination appropriately.

5. Be prepared. Sometimes you’ll do all of your preparation and research and you’ll show up to an establishment and it isn’t what you bargained for. The pictures online showed an entirely different plate and the taste of your choice of meat was chewy. If your experience was extremely sub-par, pull out your phone or tablet, which we know you’ll have comfortably tucked away in your favorite Carrington Case, and find the next option.

Remember, you can’t be prepared if you don’t #carryeverything. Bon appetit!