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How To: Balance Your Day

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You’re a very busy person, which is easy to understand seeing that you’ve worked hard to fulfill your goals. However, all work and no fun is damaging to yourself and to others around you. Learn how to properly manage your day for success all around.

It’s hard finding the Golden Mean in between all of your different tasks throughout the day. You may even find yourself struggling to get the normal, routine tasks under way. Here are a couple of pointers to help steer you in the right direction.

  1. Pray and meditate. While everyone does not have the same beliefs, allowing yourself time for reflection before your day begins, helps to order your steps. Reminding yourself that there is a bigger purpose than just the mere day-to-day routine, clears your mind, refocuses you, and pushes you to excel beyond ordinary measures.
  2. Schedule your day. Organization is key for your success, and first thing’s first. Make sure you are prioritizing and structuring your day. You cannot do everything in one day, therefore you won’t necessarily have the same schedule every day. If you’re great at mental notes, then plan your day accordingly, and if you’re not, set a time-table for yourself or different alarms that help keep you on track. Just remember not to overdo it, and make room for error or tings going askew.
  3. Stay connected with your family. Sometimes a simple text helps to keep your mood afloat. It gets busy during the day, but there is always at least five minutes throughout your day, whether it’s in your car or on lunch break, in which you can call your spouse and have a quick chat. When you get off work, plan to have dinner with your family. If you’re just getting home in time for the bedtime story, tuck your child in and let them know you’re planning a special weekend adventure. If you’re single, call your mom or dad and let them know how you’re doing- they’ll love this!
  4. Have some you time.” Slow down there, buddy. Make sure you’re not neglecting yourself in the tow of it all. Do something you’re passionate about or something that you’ve been putting off for a while. This means trying the new Thai restaurant down the street, or skipping overtime and getting to bed before 10. Relaxing in your own skin and in your own space will aid in soothing your day.
  5. Beware of the light. I’m not quoting Star Wars, this is serious. We all struggle with the attack of the electronics, so it is a must that you steer clear from the LCD. Turning off your phone or laptop can save you a ton of time and can help you keep your vision. It is some of our jobs to live in front of a computer monitor or a screen of any kind, however taking a break from these distractions help you to focus. Try turning off your phone and other time-consuming products right before bed and notice the difference it’ll make.

In order to maintain the things you care about the most in your life, you must regain that balance. When you are properly balancing your day, you can efficiently #carryeverything.